Curriculum Vision

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Curriculum Intent

We want to increase pupil’s knowledge and understanding of our world.  We want them to develop skills associated with science as a process of enquiry – the curious child. 


Our curriculum will develop the natural curiosity and awe and wonder of the child. 


Children will have the opportunity to: 

  • Develop an enthusiasm and enjoyment of scientific learning and discovery. 
  • Be equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future. 
  • Develop essential scientific enquiry skills to deepen their scientific knowledge. 
  • Develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 


Using the national curriculum as a structure and skill development throughout the school, we will make links where possible to the theme topics to develop a creative scheme of work, 


Children will have weekly lesson in science in KS1 and 2, Early Years will learn about the world around them.  We have links with the secondary school to provide opportunities for science workshops and will have an annual science week to focus on ‘hands on’ science which will complement our science curriculum.  

Resources & Documents

Knowledge & Skills Progression

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Science Documents

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Resources & Useful Links

What We Have Been Learning In Science

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