About Us

Welcome To
Wellington Lions
Primary Academy

“School for the curious child”

The purpose-built school is based within the new housing development in NEQ (North East Quadrant), Tidworth and caters for pupils from Reception through to Year 6.

At Wellington Lions Primary Academy we firmly believe that every child in our care has the right to be truly inspired by an engaging and purposeful curriculum. We have dedicated staff who are passionate about providing our children with enriching and exciting experiences so that they can all achieve success in their learning journey. We actively encourage our children to be curious and believe that this supports them on their path to becoming life-long learners.

We support our children to grow into positive, well rounded citizens and work alongside them to encourage kindness, grit, integrity, acceptance, curiosity and courageousness. By instilling these values we give children the chance to shine and be proud of all that they achieve, both academically and personally.

Wellington Primaries offer an education that promotes:

Excellence through the rigorous learning of key skills within a rich and broad curriculum.

Holistic learning by developing the whole child.

Innovation in the way that we teach and learn.

Collaboration with parents and carers, the Ascend Learning Trust Family, the military community and local primary schools.