OFSTED & Performance Data

“Leaders Encourage pupils to be inquisitive.”

“Leaders have raised expectations for pupil behaviour in recent years. Children in reception move calmly between formal learning and other activities”

“They have a well-sequenced, ambitious and inclusive curriculum from Reception Year to the end of Year 6.”

“Leaders are seeing the effect of the curriculum, as pupils recall their learning longer over time.”

In Reception teachers have high quality conversations with children to develop their language skills.”

“Pupils relish the many ways they can apply to be a leader, such as acting as school councillors, head student or newly appointed mental health ambassadors.”

Ofsted Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think of your child’s school, including:

How happy your child is at school

How safe your child feels at school

The questionnaire can be completed at any time throughout the academic year – you do not have to wait until the school is being inspected.

Responses are used to inform discussions inspectors have with school leaders as well as helping Ofsted decide when to inspect a school.

Results Comparisons from 2019 (DfE have stated no statutory assessment needs to be published after 2019)

The results below are 2023’s published results.

All Pupils

Reading Writing Maths
Wellington Lions Primary Academy 57% 65% 30%
Wiltshire 73% 70% 68%
National 73% 71% 73%

Greater Depth

Reading Writing Maths
Wellington Lions Primary Academy 8% 11% 11%
Wiltshire 30% 13% 24%
National 29% 13% 24%

% of pupils meeting expected standard in reading, writing and maths: 22%

% of pupils achieving at a higher standard in reading, writing and maths: 5%

Average score in reading: 101

Average progress score between KS1 and KS2 (reading): – 4.4

Average progress score between KS1 and KS2 (writing): 1.6

Average score in maths: 98

Average progress score between KS1 and KS2 (maths): -5.6

You can also view our performance table on the Department of Education Website

Statutory Information

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Wellington Lions Primary Academy is part of the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust.

General Information

Headteacher of Wellington Lions Primary Academy: Mr Jake Bailey

General Academy Enquiries : admin@wellingtonprimary.org.uk or call 01264 310780 and speak with the admin staff in Reception

The Wellington Lions Primary Academy, Oatway Road, Tidworth, Wiltshire, SP9 7FP

Telephone: 01264 310780

email: admin@wellingtonprimary.org.uk
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