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Wellington Academy Tag Rugby Tournament

On the 15th of March Wellington Lions sent a squad of 10 players to the Academy to participate in the school first local school tournament, since 2019. Filled with passion, enthusiasm, and eagerness to showcase the skills and tactics learnt during the after-school club they attended it turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved.
Using the first game to get their eye into the competition we started with a narrow loss. From here on they began playing as the team we all knew they could be, pushing some of the other bigger schools to the very end. Having ended the day with only one loss all tournament Wellington Lions were crowned overall winners. Just reward for their effort and commitment throughout the day and in the build-up to the event.
Special mention must go to Mrs Pegg and Mrs Abdulrahman for coaching the team on the day and to the match day squad of Alex, Liam, Chris, Fynnley, Crystal, Henry, Billy, Deon, Isla-Marie, Jenson, Adam, and Rosie.

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